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Plan, Preserve, Play
Niobrara River Area

Situated at the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri rivers on Nebraska’s northeastern border, Niobrara State Park offers cabins, camping, picnicking, swimming, boat ramps, horseback trails, hiking, fishing and wildlife watching opportunities. To the east of Niobrara State Park, the Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area offers modern cabins, boating, fishing and hunting opportunities. This plan will identify potential recreational and other development improvements to build on what the region currently offers. The study will define the economic benefits of proposed development on local, regional and statewide tourism with the ultimate goal of increasing population, jobs and per capita income.

Lower Niobrara Design Workshop Presentations

A map of the study scope, which is in Knox County, highlights the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers, Lewis and Clark Lake, and the cities of Niobrara, Verdigre, Center, Lindy, Bloomfield and Crofton. The map also highlights Niobrara State Park and Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area.


A graphic showing the general schedule for the LB 406 study of Niobrara River Region. It shows that data and collection analysis, base mapping, and a stakeholder engagement campaign will occur in July and August, a market assessment will occur in July through September, visioning will occur in August and September, and conceptual master planning will occur from September through December, with a final plan being complete in December.